Wednesday, March 1, 2017

♥Ahoy Matey♥

This kit is perfect for projects about the pirate adventures, treasure hunts and so much more! and any other animal-themed occasions Kits.

This digital scrapbooking kit includes 18 papers (patterned and solid) and 75 elements, including:

1Barrel,1Bombpyramid,2Bottles,4bows, 3Burlapflower,2BurlapStars,2button,1Cannon,2 chest,
1Dagger,1Dolphin,1Eeglass,1Eyepatch,1Fish,2Flags,6Flowers,4 Frame,1 Hook,1 Island,1 Jetty,3 Leafs , 2Maps,1 Padluck,2Palmtrees,2 Parrots,1Pelican,1Pirate,3Piratehat,1 Pistol,1Rolledmap,1Rum,2Ships,1Shipbell,1Skullandcross, 1shade ,3Strings,2Swords,1tankard,2twig,1Waves,1Whale,2Wheel,1Whiskey

♥Life on the farm♥

A farmer’s work is never done! 
 I treasure the memories of my Great Uncle  he was like my second Dad and grandfather when I was little I live with him until I was 12 or 13 then My mom and dad and I move in are New house he help build!!! he passed away Feb 25 2017 

This digital scrapbooking kit includes 17 papers (patterned and solid) and 72 elements, including:

Applebarrel,2 Barns,3Bows,3boys And 3 Girls 3 Farmers (included in 3 hair and skin tones),3 BurlapStar, 1 cat, 2 chick, 3 Chickens,2Chickencoup,2Cows,1 dog, 1 doghouse,
2 Farmland,3fences,10Flowers,5Frames,2 Haybails,1Hayfork,4 leaves,1Milkstood,1Milkpail,1pig,2Ribbons, 1 Rooster,
1 sheep, 2 Suns,1 tractor, 1Trailor,2 AppleTrees,1 Windmill.
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

♥Fair In My Garden ♥

Fairy gardens are enjoying an astonishing surge in popularity and now gardeners can make their own enchanting miniature landscapes, complete with This Digital scrap kits
This Digital Product Includes:

Textures Papers: 14 patterned and 8 solid

83 Total Elements:
1 Shovel
1 Sparkles
1 Sweethome
1 Weelbarrow
1 Rain
3 Ribbons
3 Quotecards
7 Fairly
2 Bees
3 BellFlowerLights
2 Benchs
2 Birdhouses
2 Bird on Branch
3 Blossom
2 Bottle Caps
3 Bows
2 Butterlys
1 Chickenwire
1 Cloud
2 bridge
2 Fairy houses
2 Fairy Hammoc
3 Ferns
6 Flowers
2 Flowerlamps
1 Fork
1 Graden Hoe
5 Frames
6 GardenGnome
2 Garden Sheds
1 GlitterTrail
2 HoneyForHugs
4 Leaves





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